Drain Liner Removal

Although drain lining is an essential service for all kinds of drainage issues, it can encounter problems. For example, it can sometimes be installed inefficiently. Over time, drain liners are also vulnerable to the changes in pressure and other damages which caused the original pipe to collapse. Liners can fall, collapse or even cure in the incorrect position. In these cases, drain liner removal is absolutely essential.


Here at Total Home Solutions, we can not only provide industry-leading drain lining services. We can also remove any drain liners which are causing problems in your system. If you’ve already re-lined your pipes, you can’t reline them again until the previous liner has been removed. Using the latest in industry-leading equipment, we can clear all kinds of liners from drains. This can allow us to apply a new liner for your drains in the correct position.


When Is Drain Liner Removal Essential?

Over time, it is possible for even the hard-wearing drain liner material to suffer damage. Drain lining is just as vulnerable to damage as your original pipes. If, for whatever reason, your drain lining agent isn’t operating as it should, we can remove it and re-apply the liner to suit your needs.


Although problems with drain liners are rare, there are many issues which could potentially develop. All of these can cause a range of serious problems and, as such, need to be replaced as soon as possible. Just some of the problems which can develop with drain liners can include:

  • The Drain Liner Curing Incorrectly, such as:
    • The Lining Agent Fails to Open Correctly.
    • Drain Liner Becomes Twisted During Installation.
    • The Lining Agent Is Left with a Course or Rough Finish Internally.
    • The Liner Becomes Wrinkled or Deformed During Installation.
    • Adhesive Resin Has Been Washed Out During Installation.
    • The Drain Pipe Penetrated the Liner Before it Cured.
  • Drain Lining Collapsed or Cracking Over Time.
  • The Drain Lining Is Too Thin to Carry Water and Waste.


All of these issues can cause a wide range of problems across your property. They can be equally as damaging as a collapsed drain and can be more complex to resolve. Not only will the damaged or ineffective liner need to be removed, the pipe will also need to be thoroughly cleaned and the lining agent re-applied.


If left unresolved, damaged drain liners can cause waste and water to escape from your property. There is also the risk that this damaged lining agent can create solid blockages within the pipe itself. As such, incorrectly installed or damaged liner needs to be removed from your drain pipes as quickly as possible.


How Will Total Home Solutions, Conduct Drain Liner Removal?

Here at Total Home Solutions we have industry-leading equipment which enables us to break down all kinds of drain liner. What’s more, our experienced team are able to eliminate damaged and vulnerable drain liner without having to excavate your property. In the past, if drain liner went wrong, the only way to resolve it was to expose the pipe – the very thing drain liner was supposed to prevent.


Using industry-leading and flexible grinders and cutters, we can reshape and completely clear your drain pipes. No matter what has gone wrong with your drain pipe’s lining, our team are here to help. Our industry-leading equipment can be attached onto a long, flexible cable – similar to the cables we use as part of our CCTV drain surveys. This will then be fed through your system until it reaches the problem area.


Once the necessary section has been removed, we can offer several options after that. In many cases, we can reapply drain lining to create a smooth, resilient surface in your drainage system. If we’ve only removed a small amount of the lining agent, we can often conduct repairs with epoxy patch repair.


We can also use the same technology to clean up any poorly-installed or damaged liner ends. We can cut back the last of the liner using our powerful cutters and grinders. From there, we can use epoxy patch repair to ensure a smooth transition from the lining agent to the pipe itself. This will make the drain liner water tight and improve your pipe’s practicality.

For Comprehensive Drain Liner Removal in London and Hertfordshire, Call Total Home Solutions Today

Here at Total Home Solutions, we can provide a complete range of drain liner removal services. Whether you’re looking for commercial, domestic or even industrial drain liner removal, get in touch with our team today. Whether you’re suffering due to damaged drain lining, or a lining agent which hasn’t been installed correctly, our engineers are here for you.


For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team directly by calling us on 0800 144 8480. You can also send any questions or concerns you might have through our simple online contact form. We will do everything we can to get back to you as soon as we possible can.