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Buying a house is the single most-expensive purchase you’ll probably ever make. It can be a very stressful time and the last thing you want is any unexpected and unwanted surprises.


Having a pre-purchase survey, carried out by a fully qualified Wincan certified drain technician, can find any nasty and costly surprises within the drainage system of your intended home. For peace of mind, it is recommended on having a home buyer’s drain survey carried out before committing to the purchase.


Prices start from as little as £139.00 plus vat, and you will receive a full detailed report with video evidence of any problems.


Here at Drain365, we offer a comprehensive home buyer’s drain survey in London for home buyers and existing home-owners.


All of our surveys are carried out using our crawler cams. Utilising the latest technology, the crawler cam device allows our drainage engineers to investigate any potential issues with the drainage, highlighting even the most minor of problems which may be small but could develop into a much bigger problem if left unattended.


We have listed some reasons why you should carry out a home buyer’s drain survey before buying a home:

  • Overall Condition of the drainage system both Reporting & Analysis
  • Mis-connections identification and reporting
  • Ownership of the drainage system – private or water company owned
  • Drainage system mapping – in-depth and detailed drawing that show the routes of your
  • drainage system and where it leads.




Yes we do carry out water authority approved (WRC) surveys for extensions or building projects. These are carried out on a regular basis meaning that most water authorities are familiar with our reporting and happily ‘rubber stamp’ your permit.


Call us today on 0800 195 8670


Inspect-A-Drain Ltd are pleased to offer this service – call us for more details.


Our service offering for New Builds generally consists of the rehabilitation of outfall pipeline from a site that is receiving new properties joined to it.


Please ring for more details on this service 0800 195 8670 or 07967 029298

Are Home Buyer’s Drain Surveys Required?

Your mortgage provider may well request a drain survey report before they lend you any money to buy a property. Insurance companies may also request a drain survey to be carried out on the property, particularly if it is a period property or one built on land that is prone to flooding. Home Buyer’s Drain Survey reports will usually satisfy parties that require information about your drainage system such as solicitors.


First time property buyers don’t always know that a drain survey will provide all the relevant information and save the buyer time and money in the long. Therefore it is recommended that all home buyers request a home buyer’s drain survey to be sure that the home they intend to purchase has a drainage system that is working efficiently without any current or developing problems. In the case that problems are discovered within the drainage system, they can then be addressed by the seller or used as leverage by the home buyer to renegotiate the selling price.

Who’s Responsible for My Drains?

If the water company owns the drainage system surrounding your home, they will be prompted to resolve the problem before it causes the home owner any issues.


Drainage on your land is usually your responsibility so it is paramount you keep your drains cleared and maintained to ensure correct operation of your drainage system and to avoid any costly problems later on.


drain survey london
RICS buildings surveyors cannot carry out an in-depth survey to the main parts of the drainage systems structure.


Buyers are often unaware of the issues their potential new home could have beneath the surface, and can often be in very poor condition.


A growing number of insurance companies are now asking for a home buyers report as they are not aware of the true overall condition any homes drainage system.


Infestations within the drainage system of rats and vermin

How Long Does a CCTV Drain Survey Take?

The length of time taken to conduct a CCTV drain survey on a home can vary, it typically depends on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and washing rooms the more drains your home has will increase the time required to survey the entire system.


Typically, a drain survey should take around two hours for a standard 2 bedroomed home, providing the cam crawler can travel around the system with no issues.


If the cam crawler cannot travel around the drainage system Total Home Solutions will have to use high pressure water jetting to push the debris out of the way making it free for the cam crawler to continue its journey of mapping your drainage system.


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